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Our pricing is upfront and we are happy to speak with you to give you a better
idea of the cost of permanent repair.

We service all brands and types of appliances! From stand mixers to commercial equipment. Our service call fee is $150 which is generally enough time to diagnose; and in many situations to complete the repair.  If the repair cannot be completed in the initial 15 minutes, billing is done by the minute at $1.45/minute. 


For small, drop off size appliances we offer a Drop Off Fee of $115; with the same
billing outline as the service call.

Basic board level repairs are $160 and time onsite.

We install Bosch dishwashers. Installation is $200 and disposal of your old machine is $50.

We have found that certain brands will discontinue parts before your appliance is anywhere near the end of its life. We have developed a system that allows us to refurbish parts through fabrication, 3D printing and other methods to ensure the most economical repair. Consider it fixed!

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